does your life look like you thought it would? more importantly, does it like you want it to?

life [re] imagined 

Has life thrown you some curve balls?

Do you have a hard time saying, "No" or "Yes" even though you want to?

Do you feel like the real YOU has gotten lost somewhere? 

Somewhere along the line have you forgotten how to ...


    have fun?

       be happy?

           be the CEO of U?

Thank you to Virginia Holman and Shawna Corbett  for the photography on this website!

Meet me

Hi, I am Cynthia Dano. Like you, I've encountered a few of life's curve balls and plot twists...mine included being abandoned by my dad when I was 2, divorced parents, sexual abuse, depression, my own divorce(s), estranged family, loss of family and friends and cancer. A few years ago, I was diagnosed with a late stage, incurable, rare ovarian cancer. Talk about a plot twist. Though very frightening it was also freeing. I was: Free to reexamine my life and focus on what mattered to me right now; Free to ask questions, like..."What did I need to fix?" (Quite a bit); "What did I need to let go of?" (Quite a bit); "How did I want my life to look?" (Different); "What did I really want to do and be with whatever time I had?"(A lot!).  The answers to those questions set me on a course to [re] imagining my life and  

choosing to  live my best life -a happy, fun and helping life, right now. Because, truly, right now  is all any of us have. 

As part of my 'best life' menu, I  became a certified health, life and cancer coach. I am passionate about helping and inspiring people like you, who also have been thrown curve balls,  lost their way in their life, or have been overwhelmed by life to also reexamine 

and [re] imagine their lives and help create new choices   where happiness, fun and empowerment can live. 


Forget not that the Earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair.

 ― Khalil Gibran


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