I love retreats! I love seeing the 'aha' moments on people's faces, knowing they have acquired a new tool for their toolkit our have new understanding of  a concept. Retreats are a great way to build or re-build, engage or re-engage and invigorate or re-invigorate your team.   Using small group and entire group exercises to facilitate and encourage participation, retreats bring a re-newed sense of cohesiveness and  'us' factor to the team.


After understanding your goals, the retreat is custom designed for your team. 


I offer retreats specializing in team building; customer service strategies; individual and business values; and vision, mission and purpose alignment. and work with groups of 20 or less The retreat can be formatted in a 1 or 2 day format.


Alternatively, I can speak at your event or office or create individual workshops on the various topics  if the 1 or 2 day format is not feasible.

I would love to help! Call me and together we can create a fun way to bring solutions to your team!

"Our 2019 staff retreat was a huge success thanks to our facilitator, Cynthia Dano, who was highly engaged, providing positive and productive structure. Her excellent feedback and insight was valuable to all team members. Through the team analysis activities, we ended the retreat with a better understanding of one another’s qualities, how to best leverage our individual strengths for the benefit of our overall team performance, a clear vision of our mission and values, and an even stronger understanding on how we deliver outstanding customer service."

Kristal Hassler, owner TK CPA, Walla Walla

"Cynthia recently lead a 1.5 day retreat for my employer, an annual event which gives the staff a chance to step-back and look at the direction of the firm. This is the third such retreat I've attended. While the first two were valuable in their own right, Cynthia's message was from a totally different place. Cynthia really challenged us through group exercises - nothing was individual. During the retreat we were gently taken to serious topics within our firm, were reminded of our important contributions, of our future and of the vulnerabilities. 

I would recommend Cynthia to anyone who needs a fresh approach to their job or their life in general. 

Thank You Cynthia!"- Rebecca Reid

"Our retreat was a great team building experience, thanks to Cynthia.  Her desire to get to know the staff and our learning styles made it personal and everyone was connected on the same level.  Cynthia was excellent at creating an atmosphere where everyone felt comfortable participating and being heard."- Anne Riney

"Cynthia created a fantastic space for open dialogue for our team. She helped us break down what it means to us to truly be a team and how we can support each other in reaching our goals, the most basic of which being to provide great customer service. One valuable lesson I learned from our retreat is that great customer service does not have to be going above and beyond at every turn, but to really listen to clients’ needs, to be responsive and let them know that they matter. This can be done by asking questions, setting clear expectations, providing timelines and by simply checking in. These are steps I will continue to go back to as I move forward in the business of great client service!" -Casey Jeske 


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