What's holding you back or standing in the way of you living the life you want? What curve ball or plot twist do we need to re-examine and re-imagine to get you on the path of Happy

You and Me! We've got this...with customized and hand crafted coaching!  I am your partner as  we dig down and see where you want to go and work on steps to get there. Coaching is offered in blocks of 5 sessions that are 35 minutes long (done by phone or Zoom) and spaced weekly or bi-monthly to allow for flexibility and accountability.

The 5 Session Package is  $325.

Say "Yes!" to you and take that first step to Happy...Book here or give me a call, email or text if you have more questions. 

                                 Let's do this!

This is what my long time client, Jennifer Charpentier, had to say about her experience:


"I have been truly fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Cynthia as a life coach multiple times, with goals for personal fulfillment and healing as well as workplace health and productivity. It has been amazing to experience the growth and change in my life but to also see how her coaching practice has taken root and blossomed in such a beautiful and exciting way. The courses have been challenging and there have been times of hard work and discomfort, but all along the journey she has made it an adventure with a clear destination and lots of fun and fascinating side trips of self discovery. She has taken the odyssey and all its challenges right alongside me and yet gave me room to find my unique path. So many times it seems we can’t really see the results of our own growth until it is reflected in the encouragement of those walking the journey with us."


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