Happy Humans at Work...It's really all about the people

We are  amazing humans, each with unique talents and strengths.  It's hard for those talents and strengths to thrive if there is dysfunction in the workplace, or with team members. (Sometimes, business owners aren't even aware of the issues!) I've been an employer and an employee and have seen and  been on both sides of the equation. I bring this experience to my organizational coaching and consulting and am passionate about  empowering business owners and their team to find solutions to some of the recurring plagues of the workplace...lack of communication, purpose and mission, and lost productivity. Investing in your people is your very best investment and directly impacts your bottom line. Let's explore what coaching/consulting solutions are right for your team!

"Cynthia has been working with our company in individual and group coaching sessions for about six months and in that time the improvements in our work environment have been exponential.  Her approach is a method of inclusion that facilitates solutions constructively with an ease to buying in, as all contributors can take ownership for the remedy. 


There is a humble character in the way that Cynthia operates that allows you to take pride in your strengths while be willing to admit your weaknesses.  She provides a reassurance that the problems we face, though specific to us, are not unique in our given circumstances.  Her attitude has given me the personal confidence to believe that I am capable of creating a solution.  Even in situations where a solution is seemingly out of reach, Cynthia’s suggestions provoke new ways of thinking that often shift the paradigm in such a way that a solution becomes simple.


I am deeply appreciative of Cynthia’s service to making our workplace more enjoyable and productive."    -Jeff Heimark   

"This program with Cynthia Dano providing one on one coaching has been very beneficial to me. It helps to define my strengths and priorities which I can choose to utilize in a work setting, home or basically in all areas of daily living.  With effective coaching you are provided with the tools needed to face challenging situations and problem solve when needed. Cynthia listens and takes a genuine interest in you and encourages you to achieve success in getting to know yourself better, learn what your priorities and strengths are, and how they can be applied in everyday activities of daily living. Each individual is unique, having different strengths, gifts and weaknesses, this program is designed to fit you. I encourage others that would like to increase awareness in regard to their own strengths, priorities and the ability to problem solve to consider being involved in a program like this, what do you have to lose?"  Nancy Stout


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