Happy Human Project

What is the Happy Human Project?   It is my personal project (goal) to help people, like you,  be Happy Humans.   This can be a personal growth endeavor or a new human resource paradigm in the workplace.

What does that mean to you? And how does that work?  Explore the options below to see which resonates with you and then JUMP IN!


*Happy Human Coaching: By  partnering with you, we  examine what may be holding you back, is keeping you stuck or is a stumbling block and then re-imagine your life. By using a holistic perspective, we explore new options and create customized steps and solutions to help you achieve your own brand of  handcrafted happiness!


*The Road to Uvana: Not sure you want coaching? This is an ideal solution for the DIYer who wants a better understanding of themselves and to be part of an enlightening experience! It is fun, self paced and delivered once a month by email. 




Happy Human [At work] is for the progressive employer who wants a different Human Resource paradigm.

*Organizational coaching: This  type of coaching is like a "bridge". I partner  with small business owners AND their team to accomplish productivity, team and personal goals by bringing individual and  and group coaching to the workplace ... personal, handcrafted, locally sourced HH (Happy Human)  solutions :-)


*Retreats: A 1 or 2 day  may be the perfect solution or springboard to solidify teamwork, customer service goals and strategies, business values and mission. 



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